What Are Some Fun Outfits to Wear to an 80s Party?


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Fun outfits to wear to an 80s party include a Smurf costume, a Rubik's Cube costume and an outfit similar to one you wore in a school portrait during the 80s. You can recreate a school portrait of yours by styling your hair the same and wearing a similar shirt to the one you wore in the picture. Strap a blue background with a neon blue and pink laser design onto your back to recreate the typical 80s portrait background.

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Mount your 80s portrait background to a sturdy piece of cardboard, and cut holes in the back to string ribbon through so that you can wear the background like a backpack. If you did not go to school during the 80s but want to create a portrait costume, you can wear a typical 80s hairstyle, such as teased hair or a side ponytail, and a shirt that references something from 80s' popular culture, such as "Jem," "The Smurfs," "My Little Pony" or "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

For a Smurf costume, paint yourself with blue body paint, and wear a classic white Smurf cap. You can manipulate a white toque or winter hat to make the Smurf cap. Females can wear a white dress, and males can wear white pants.

To create a Rubik's Cube costume, use a large square cardboard box with the bottom removed. Glue nine squares of poster board, consisting of the colors red, blue, green, yellow, white and orange, on each side of the box, and border each square with black masking tape. Cut a hole at the top of the box for your head, and an hole on either side for your arms.

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