How Do You Have Fun With a One-Dollar Grab Bag During Christmas?


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Have fun with a one-dollar grab bag event during Christmas by selecting useful, frivolous or personalized items for recipients. Food items can also be fun when appropriate. Shopping at a dollar store is the easiest way to find relevant gifts for your party or office event.

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Purchase gifts with a specific friend of family member in mind if your grab bag event allows for swapping. This ensures that an item is of interest to at least one person at the event. Purchase a tape measure for a woodworking hobbyist or nail polish for a fashion-savvy co-worker. Recipients who receive grab bags they dislike may trade back for these items. To personalize a plain item, purchase something plain, such as a mug, and decorate it with a recipient's name or favorite TV show theme.

Dollar stores also offer a wide range of candy and snacks that can be used as unisex grab bag gifts. Sugar-free items are also available for individuals who are diabetic or on a strict diet. Other fun unisex items include pet supplies, dish towels, picture frames, stickers and seasonal decorative items. For a children's grab bag event, try puzzles, small toys, games, coloring books and stuffed animals.

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