What Are Some Fun Maid-of-Honor Toasts?


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Some fun maid-of-honor toasts are an Irish toast for good life and fortune and Judith Viorst's toast comparing the groom to other men. Another fun maid-of-honor toast is Oscar Wilde's quote to keep love living in the hearts of each person.

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The Irish maid-of-honor toast wishes that the couple has enough money in life and that rainbows follow rain. The toast wishes that the couple finds sunshine in life and that they have friendships to encourage them as time passes. In the end, the toast wishes that God fills the hearts of the couple with gladness.

In her toast, Judith Viorst compares the groom to a number of men with desirable qualities. She says that a person begins a relationship thinking that her mate is as attractive as Robert Redford. Then she believes he's as smart as Henry Kissinger, as funny as Woody Allen and as athletic as Jimmy Connors. Over time, the person realizes that her partner's sex appeal is more like Woody Allen's, his intelligence like Jimmy Connors, physical prowess like Henry Kissinger's athletic ability and that he has nothing in common with Robert Redford. The toast says that love is when the person marries her husband, knowing he's nothing like Robert Redford.

Oscar Wilde's toast says that life without love is like a garden of dead flowers. Loving others and receiving love brings emotional warmth, the toast says. The toast says that nothing in life compares to loving another person.

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