What Are Some Fun Kids' Sleepover Party Ideas?

What Are Some Fun Kids' Sleepover Party Ideas?

Some enjoyable sleepover party activities for kids of various ages include a scavenger hunt, pillow decorating and hosting a talent show. Children often love karaoke, especially if it is set up American Idol style with some of the party guests or parents serving as judges.

Designing the party around a theme, such as chocolate, is another possibility. Brown and pink polka dot or striped invitations allude to the theme to come. Lightly scented chocolate candles can provide a fragrant ambiance, while children can paint each other's nails brown with pink dots. Chocolate facials are a bonus.

Another option is to play freeze dance. To do so, the kids dance to music until someone turns down the volume. When the volume subsides, everyone freezes. The first person to laugh is the next person responsible for turning down the volume.

Foil Project Runway is an idea to bring out the guests' creativity. To play, everyone designs an outfit crafted from aluminum foil. Each child is given a box of aluminum foil to design apparel for another child to model. Other items, such as ribbons and plastic flowers, can be used to accessorize. Everyone dons her creation for the other guests.

Children have a good time applying blind makeovers as well. Guests sit in a circle, with the first person blindfolded. The blindfolded person applies makeup to another guest, who then becomes blindfolded and does the same for another person. Everyone takes turns until each face is decorated.