What Are Some Fun Ideas for a Tea Party?


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Ideas for a tea party include decorating cookies, crafting decorative fans and dressing up in fancy outfits. A themed menu for the tea party features tea sandwiches, scones, pastries and cookies. Lemonade offers a drink alternative for guests who don't like tea.

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What Are Some Fun Ideas for a Tea Party?
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Tea parties often include pastries or desserts. Let the guests decorate their own cookies when they arrive as a form of entertainment in addition to supplying the party snacks. Any shape of sugar cookie works for this project. Offer assorted colors of frosting, sprinkles and small candies for decorating.

Handmade decorative fans require 6-inch-by-30-inch paper strips, tongue depressors and glue. Have the guests accordion fold the paper and pinch one end together, securing it with a staple to create the fan shape. Glue the tongue depressors on either side along the edge of the last fold to create the look of a Victorian fan. Guests decorate the paper and the tongue depressors to customize the fans.

Ask the tea party guests to wear their fanciest clothes to fit the tea party theme. Host a fashion show so each guest can show off her fancy outfit. A piece of costume jewelry works well as a party favor and allows the guests to complement their outfits.

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