What Are Some Fun Ideas for Bridal Shower Games?


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Some fun bridal shower games include the toilet paper dress and veil challenge, trivia time, bridal bingo, name the herb, and Pictionary. The toilet paper dress and veil challenge is the ultimate bridal shower game. The guests craft gowns and veils completely out of toilet paper, and the bride-to-be picks the one she likes the best.

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Trivia time is another great bridal shower game, which pits the bride and groom against each other. This game takes some preparation in advance. The host needs to write down a list of questions that the bride and groom can answer about each other. Prior to the shower, the host has the groom answer the questions for himself and then again how he thinks the bride is going to answer. During the shower, the bride does the same thing. The answers from both are then compared.

The herb game tests the guests' knowledge of the kitchen. The host purchases some fresh herbs and places them in covered dishes. The guests pass the herbs around, sniffing each one with their eyes closed and writing down which herb is which. The guests who correctly identifies the most herbs wins. For a tiebreaker, the host can introduce a new herb for a sniff-off.

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