What Are Some Fun Halloween Puzzles?

A variety of printable Halloween puzzles for children are available at About.com, including a word search, a vocabulary challenge and a crossword puzzle. Online jigsaw puzzles are available at Jigidi.com and JigsawPlanet.com, while an online version of the game Concentration is also available at About.com.

The printable word search and crossword puzzle are relatively simple, with each one containing nine words. The vocabulary challenge contains nine clues, which children read before circling the correct word.

The jigsaw puzzles at Jigidi.com include a Halloween collage, a wicked witch and several vintage-style Halloween pictures. Players use the mouse to move the pieces and solve the puzzle, while a timer keeps track of how long the player has been working.

The puzzles at JigsawPlanet.com also include a timer, along with the option of viewing a ghost image of the finished puzzle. The viewer can also show and hide a small version of the picture for reference. The jigsaws include haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns and black cats, and range from 25 to 300 pieces.

About.com's online Concentration game is available in a 4-by-4 or 6-by-6 square. The player must click on the tiles to reveal the images underneath them, looking for pairs. Once a pair is found, the images remain revealed. A timer at the bottom of the screen lets the player try and beat their previous times.