What Are Some Fun Halloween Crafts for Children?


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Some fun Halloween related crafts for kids include making cut outs of eyelashes and mustaches to attach to pumpkins or decorating pumpkins with a variety of other vegetables. It is also fun to decorate pumpkins with paints using sponges that have been cut in various shapes.

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A fun paper craft is to make a ghost out of poster board that hangs like a spring. To make the ghost, the child draws a spiral shape on white poster board and then cuts it out. The child can create a face for the ghost by cutting out eyes and a mouth from black paper and attaching them to the ghost with glue. By threading a string through a small hole in the top and knotting it, the ghost can then be hung.

Another fun craft to complete with kids is creating a bat from a box. The bat can be made from a pasta box by cutting the tops off, flipping it over and covering it with black wrapping or construction paper. The next step is marking a spot for eyes halfway up the front, approximately 2 inches apart. Then, with the help of an adult, the child cuts holes for the eyes. This can be done by cutting an X for each eye and widening them to 3/8 inch across. The eyes are then made to glow by inserting battery operated tea lights into the box with the flame portion protruding through the holes. Eyeballs and fangs can be made by gluing on white paper in those shapes, and pink paper can form the mouth. The child then cuts black paper into the shape of ears and wings, which are then attached to the back of the box.

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