What Are Some Fun Games to Play at Halloween Parties?


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Fun Halloween party games for children include "Pop Goes the Pumpkin," "Doughnuts on a String," "Dead Man's Guts" and "Pin the Face on the Pumpkin." For the adult Halloween party, some enjoyable options are to host a murder mystery game, Halloween photo scavenger hunt, "Movie Master" game, "Chalk Outlines" and "Have You Learned Anything From Horror Movies?"

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To play "Pop Goes the Pumpkin," provide push pins with tied ribbons on the end to younger children and darts for older kids. Using a funnel, fill orange balloons with confetti and candy. Inflate the balloons, tie them, and affix them to the wall in a pumpkin shape. Cut a stem out of green paper, and attach above the pumpkin balloons. Have children pop the balloons and enjoy the treats and confetti.

To play "Halloween Movie Master," set up different scenes that allude to various horror movies, and ask guests to try to identify them. With 15 to 20 scenes, guests have fun trying to decode the brainteasers. Some examples include a tombstone with "GAGE" on it as an homage to the child from "Pet Cemetery," a wine bottle next to a plate of liver and beans represents "Silence of the Lambs," and a guest registry with the name "Marion Crane" at top as a reminder of the movie "Psycho."

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