What Are Some Fun Games for Birthday Parties?


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“Back-to-Back Balloon Pop,” “Birthday Cake Hunt,” and “Blind Man’s Bluff” are just some of the most popular fun games for birthday parties. Children expect party activities at birthday parties to be full of fun and games.

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"Back-to-Back Balloon Pop" is played by four players who are split into pairs. The pairs line up back-to-back with a balloon between their backs. At a command, the kids press the balloon together and attempt to pop it. The pair that pops their balloon first is the winner.

"Birthday Cake Hunt" involves setting up teams that are given clues to where they can find the birthday cake. Children can win favors, which can be placed in special gift bags. Children use the clues and party favors to find the exact location of the cake.

In the game "Blind Man’s Bluff," the player is blindfolded and wanders around the room until finding a person and successfully guessing who that person is. If correct the found child is blind folded next and plays again.

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