What are some fun games for a baby shower?


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A blindfolded diaper changing race, guess the baby photo, and family trivia are several types of fun games to play at a baby shower, suggests "Today." Baby shower games keep guests entertained and help break the ice between strangers.

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What are some fun games for a baby shower?
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For the blindfolded diaper changing race, have each participant stand in front of a table. Place a diaper and a doll in front of each participant and then blindfold them. When they hear the word "Go," the contestants put the diaper on the doll as fast as possible. The first person to put the diaper on the doll correctly wins.

The baby photo guessing game is a game in which all guests participate. Before the shower, ask that each guest bring a photo of herself as a baby. At the shower, give each guest a pencil and piece of paper. Show the photos one at a time to the guests and have them write on the paper who they believe is pictured in the baby photo. The guest that guesses the most photos correctly wins.

The family trivia game consists of asking guests a variety of questions regarding families and babies based on celebrity lives and the lives of those they know. The person that answers the most questions correctly wins.

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