What Are Some Fun Canada Holidays?

Some fun and unique holidays in Canada include Canada Day, which is celebrated on July 1 each year, and Canadian Thanksgiving, which falls on the second Monday of October. Another state holiday, and one of the oldest, is Victoria Day, which is celebrated on the Monday before May 24, which was Queen Victoria's birthday. For most Canadians, the long Victoria Day weekend marks the beginning of summer, states BirthdayAlarm.com.

Victoria Day traditions include barbecues, weekend getaways and drinking beer. The holiday's colloquial name is "May two-four," referring not only to the date but also to a "two-four," or a 24-bottle case of beer. According to industry reports, beer sales leading up to Victoria Day increase significantly, states CBC News.

Canada Day is a celebration of the anniversary of Canada's unification and the creation of the Constitution Act. The occasion is marked by large gatherings, public events and parades, street performances and barbecues. Some foods traditionally eaten on Canada Day include lobster rolls, fried clams, maple syrup taffy and cakes decorated in the colors of the Canadian flag or made to resemble beavers.

Thanksgiving in Canada takes place earlier than Thanksgiving in the United States due to the country's higher latitude and earlier harvest. It is celebrated by Canadians in much the same way as Americans; however the traditional turkey dinner may be eaten on any day over the Thanksgiving weekend.