What Are Some Fun Birthday Balloon Ideas?

What Are Some Fun Birthday Balloon Ideas?

Some fun balloon ideas for a birthday are tying balloons to party favor bags, painting polka dots on balloons and putting confetti inside clear balloons for a unique effect. If planning an outside party, some unique ideas are making a water balloon slip and slide, or if having the party at night, placing glow sticks inside the balloons for an interesting lighting effect. Even more striking is to have the glowing balloons placed in a pool of water.

To personalize a party, the host can tie pictures to the strings of the balloons, creating a chandelier. He can place the balloon around the room, or centralized over a particular place, such as a dessert table.

A quick way to make fun patterns is by blowing up balloons to different sizes and simply taping them to the wall. They can create images, or simply flow in a certain direction.

It is also possible to decorate the balloons themselves by painting them a striking color, such as gold, or by gluing pompoms onto the balloons.

Using brown paper rolled into cones, balloons can take on the shape of ice cream. Another fun transformation is turning the balloon upside down and attaching a silver tube to make the balloon represent Christmas ornaments if the birthday falls in the holiday season.