What Are Some Fun Bachelorette Party Drinking Games?


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A scavenger hunt is always a good bachelorette party game. When looking to add some drinking to the mix, a shot of booze can be included with each clue or item to be found. Taste the Cake is another good game. Players are blindfolded and go down a buffet line eating different pieces of cake. The cakes are paired with wines, champagne or other alcoholic drinks.

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Truth or Dare or "I Have Never" are also both great drinking games that can be incorporated easily into a bachelorette party. "I Have Never" is when one player says something they have never done and anyone who has actually done that thing has to drink. Then the next person says something they've never done and the rest of the party drinks if they have done that thing. The game can go on for any length of time and can lead to any amount of alcohol being drunk.

Truth or Dare is the same kind of game only players challenge others to certain tasks or to tell the truth. Drinking can play a rather large role in the tasks and the dares. People can also choose to drink rather than answer questions they are uncomfortable answering.

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