What Are Some Fun Activities for a Slumber Party?

Slumber party activities vary according to the sex and age of participants, but some fun overnight things to do for many tween girls include MASH, Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle using nail polish, Blind Makeover and decorating pillow cases. If the guests are up for some organized games, some favorable ones are Twister, Telephone and Pass the Orange.

MASH, an old classic game, is a lighthearted way to predict the future. Each letter stands for a different living situation, including mansion, apartment, shack and house. Players decide on several categories, which are often based on husbands, number of children, types of cars and jobs. They then list five possibilities that fall into those categories. Someone chooses a number, and then counts through the list, starting with the letters MASH, crossing items off along the way. The last option in a category is circled, and the circled items are a person's future.

Many young teens enjoy makeup, and doing a blind makeover on a friend is apt to bring laughs. To do so, the players blindfold one participant and offer her a series of cosmetics from which to choose from. Without sight, she provides a friend with a makeover. Participants take photos along the way and pitch in at the end by with a ready supply of makeup-removal wipes.