What Are Some Fun Activities for a Group of Teenage Friends?


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There are many games which are fun activities for teens to do as a group. From card games to dodgeball, there are dozens of different team games that are entertaining and interactive. It is important to pick a game that is appropriate for the available space.

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Egyptian Was is an indoor game that doesn't require much equipment. All that is needed to play is a deck of cards and a group of friends. Cards are dealt out to every player until the whole deck is depleted. Each participant plays a card face-up on the center of the table when it is his turn. If the cards matches, such as a 6 played on another 6, any player is allowed to slap the deck of cards and receive all the cards on the table. An oddity of the game is how face cards are played. When a jack is played, the next player has one chance to play another face card. If he cannot, the person who played the Jack receives all the cards on the table. Likewise, the same process occurs with every face card, although if a queen is played, the next player has two chances to play a face card, a king gives three, and an ace gives four. The objective is to acquire the full deck by either slapping the cards into your hand or by winning cards by using the face cards.

A more active game for teens is a free-for-all dodgeball. Standard dodgeball is two teams divided by sides who throw multiple balls at each other in order to get each other out of the game. In free-for-all dodgeball, however, every person is fighting for himself. There is only one ball and no sides, making for a fun, fast-paced and energetic game perfect for teens.

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