What Is a Formal Dinner Program?

A formal dinner program is a plan that gives dinner guests the itinerary for a meal event. It informs them of the culinary courses they can expect to receive, as well as the times of the dinner and any formalities and entertainment for the night.

The formal dinner program is usually a printed plan given to guests at the beginning of an event.

A formal dinner plan is important as a structure to help the event run smoothly. It allows the guests to know what to expect and when and helps to avoid confusion during the meal. This provides a framework for the staff running the event and a guide for the attendees to follow.

The plan should be carefully designed to fit in with the theme of the evening and should be designed and laid out in a manner that is clear to the guests about what they can expect. Additional information might include: the details of any toasts, prayers or speakers; information about the purpose of the gathering; a written note of welcome by the host; a biography of the organization or individual hosting the event; and special thanks to any groups or organizations that have assisted in the running of the dinner.