What Is the Flower for Each Month of Birth?


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January’s flower is the carnation, representative of innocence and true love, while the faithful violet is associated with February. The daffodil, symbol of unrequited love, is paired with March, and April’s traditional flower is the pure and innocent daisy, according to About.com.

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The humble lily of the valley, often associated with the tears of the Virgin Mary, is May’s signature flower, while June claims the rose, which always communicates love, regardless of color. Pink roses signify happiness, red roses profess deep love for the recipient, while white roses represent purity and innocence. July’s larkspur is associated with fickleness, while the symbol of eternal sleep, the poppy, is traditionally paired with the month of August.

The aster is September’s flower, and the cheerful cosmos represents October. Chrysanthemums signify friendship and are November’s flower, while the egotistical narcissus is typically paired with December.

Flower symbols are often found in Chinese poetry and art, and specific flowers are associated with each season. The iris and magnolia are spring flowers, while the lotus and peony belong to summer. Autumn’s flower is the chrysanthemum, and winter claims the plum and bamboo. Pink and red flowers denote good luck, happiness and celebration in Chinese culture, while white flowers are often symbolic of ghosts and death.

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