What Are Some Farewell Party Ideas?

farewell-party-ideas Credit: Kevin Kozicki/Image Source/Getty Images

Farewell party ideas include using travel themes, playing games about the person who's leaving or taking that person out to lunch. A farewell party can include food, drinks, a memory video and party favors.

For party activities, one option is to move around the table, having guests complete a sentence about the person leaving. For instance, guests could finish the sentence, "[Guest of honor] will be missed because … ." Likewise, partygoers should be encouraged to tell heart-warming or funny stories about the guest of honor.

"Bon voyage" is a common theme for a farewell party, so decorations can relate to travel. A buffet of easy-to-eat foods and rich desserts is traditional for such parties so that the majority of the time is spent with the person leaving. Alternatively, some hosts serve the guest of honor's favorite foods or food related to the place the person is going.

If the person is leaving on a voyage, guests can play a packing game. Players have to pack a travel bag with random items as quickly as possible. For a more formal party, guests can both toast and roast the person leaving; each guest tells stories or jokes about the person leaving.

Entertainment can include a memory video of the guest of honor. Some hosts film the party itself as a goodbye gift. Having guests fill out a scrapbook page about the person leaving is another idea that creates a keepsake book.

If the party is for someone leaving a company, often co-workers simply take that person out to lunch.