What Are Some Famous Poems About Mothers?


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Famous poems about mothers includes William Blake's "The Little Boy Found," from 1791. It describes a lost child's return to his worried mother. Christina Rossetti's 1842 verse, "To My Mother," is a birthday wish and an offering of flowers. Rossetti also wrote "Sonnets Are Full of Love" in 1881, which dedicated poetry to her mother.

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Henry Van Dyke also penned a birthday poem, "A Prayer for a Mother's Birthday." In it, he asks Jesus to aid and protect his mother.

Rudyard Kipling's 1891 poem, "Mother 'o Mine," relates sorrowful circumstances, such as a hanging, and describes how a mother's love overcomes all obstacles. Written in 1899, "Song of the Old Mother" by William Butler Yeats allows an elderly mother to narrate her daily life.

Robert Louis Stevenson's 1913 short piece, "To My Mother," encourages her to read his poetry in order to reminisce about their past. The 1915 poem, "M-O-T-H-E-R," by Howard Johnson, describes the special woman using each letter of her title. Another 20th century poem about mothers is Langston Hughes' "Mother to Son." The title character describes how difficult her life has been and encourages her child to keep advancing. The 1922 poem, "My Mother," by Claude McKay, portrays the grief experienced by a man who left his gravely ill mother for a few minutes, during which she died.

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