What Are Some Famous Patriotic Speeches for Veterans Day?

Many presidents have given famous speeches on Veteran's Day. Among them are John F. Kennedy in 1961, Jimmy Carter in 1978 and Ronald Reagan in 1985.

In 1985, Reagan noted, "A few moments ago, I placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and as I stepped back and stood during the moment of silence that followed, I said a small prayer. And it occurred to me that each of my predecessors has had a similar moment, and I wondered if our prayers weren't very much the same, if not identical."

In 2002, Bush told veterans, "Not every marker in this cemetery bears a name. Near us are the graves of Americans from three wars, men known only to God but honored by their country and by the guards who stand watch. If you're a veteran, you also stand watch over the memory of great events and of brave young Americans. You're witnesses to what was gained in our wars and what was lost. You carry the fine traditions and values of our military, and you share them by example. You have a special place in the life of America, and America is proud of you."