What Are Some Famous Costumes From "Phantom of the Opera"?

Famous costumes from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" include Christine Daae's "Think of Me" gown, La Carlotta's opera house exit gown and the masked ball attendees' costumes. The film, set in 1870, offers an excellent opportunity for period costuming.

Christine's "Think of Me" gown is an elaborate white ball gown. The dress features rhinestone detailing and a crinoline, a structural petticoat that holds the skirt's bell shape, giving the wearer the illusion of a very tiny waist. The pointed bodice reinforces this construction, which serves to highlight Christine's innocence and purity, important points in the character's presentation and development. The character at the other end of the spectrum of purity from the ingenue, Christine, is La Carlotta.

As the opera's resident diva and a worldly woman, La Carlotta wears fantastically opulent, feminine pieces. In one important scene when she leaves the opera house, her gown is a deep plum and features a bustle. In 1870, this would have contrasted with Christine's more sartorially established crinoline. The costume also includes a capelet or mantle and a muff, standard accessories for the late 1800s that serve to ground the outfit in the time period and give the audience a cue about the weather.

The masked ball guests wear black and white formal wear. The moving monochrome background that they present merely serves to heighten the contrast between them and Christine, who is clad in a delicate pink gown for that scene.