What Are Some Family Reunion Activity Ideas?

What Are Some Family Reunion Activity Ideas?

Family reunion activity ideas include games, family history activities, talent shows and crafts. Game options range from physical activities such as tug-of-war and water balloon fights to calm games such as family trivia.

The location of the reunion is a factor in deciding the games to play. A location with a large outdoor space works well for large group games or activities such as water fights. Examples of games include a scavenger hunt, telephone, relay races and guessing games where players guess the identify of family members in baby pictures.

Family history activities help pass on the family heritage to younger members at the reunion. Ideas include making a family tree, writing down family stories, acting out family memories, looking at family heirlooms and sharing pictures.

A family reunion talent show allows family members to get to know one another better. A stage isn't necessary to pull off a talent show. A space near the front of the room is enough for family members to present their special talents.

If the guest list includes kids, craft activities can target specific age groups. Ideas include coloring pages, hand print art and collages with copies of family photos. Craft ideas for all ages include painted family trees, decorated T-shirts and family quilts.