What Are Some Examples of Wedding Favors?

What Are Some Examples of Wedding Favors?

Some examples of wedding favors include chocolates, candles, potted plants or individual wine glasses. Although there are no strict rules for wedding favors, the favors should be meaningful to the bride and groom and reflect the overall theme of the wedding, advises Real Simple.

Favors that are meaningful to the couple may include personalized gifts that remind the guests of the wedding day, such as a wine glass or a picture frame with the date of the wedding or the couple's initials etched on the glass. Other ideas include a CD of the couple's favorite songs or a special family recipe printed on a recipe card.

Favors that reflect the theme of the wedding could include a Christmas ornament or a gourmet hot cocoa packet for a wedding held during the holiday season. A small potted plant complements a casual outdoor wedding.

Some couples prefer to give out favors that are useful, such as a personalized box of matches, a bottle opener, or even a paper fan for weddings that are held in hotter months.

Edible wedding favors are another option. Wedding mints and candied almonds are two traditional favor ideas. Unique edible ideas include individual tea bags with a packet of honey, chocolate truffles or a jar of trail mix.