What Are Some Examples of Toasts to the Groom?

An example of a toast for a groom is one that tells funny stories about the groom's past or personality, such as quirky habits or childhood experiences. Another example is a toast that talks about how the bride has changed the groom's life for the better.

A toast for a groom should start with a brief personal introduction and an explanation of the speaker's relationship to the groom. When the toast includes funny stories or anecdotes, the content must be in good taste and never mean spirited. It should mention only the bride and the groom and should include content that the speaker can mention in front of anyone who attends the wedding. Keeping a theme for the toast in mind helps when picking the right anecdotes to include. For example, the writer can talk about the groom's bad fashion choices, give funny examples and then describe his transformation after he met his bride. Any mention of the bride should be complimentary and flattering.

A toast always ends with a short encouragement, such as wishing them a future of happiness and joy. The conclusion is always classy and uplifting. The toast should be kept between 45 seconds and five minutes to keep the guests engaged and allow time for other toasts.