What Are Some Examples of Primitive Country Decorations?


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Some examples of primitive country decorations include rusty or painted metal items, early American candles and candle accessories, rag dolls, dried flower and foliage holiday wreaths, garlands and candle rings. Barn stars, hammered charms, carved toys and figurines are also examples of primitive country decorations.

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What Are Some Examples of Primitive Country Decorations?
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Primitive country decorations are generally constructed out of natural materials by untrained artists. Their original purposes were practical in nature, such as candles illuminating a dark room or dried spring and summer flowers decorating an indoor autumn or winter holiday display.

Leftover clothing yarn, material and thread were oftentimes used by primitive country decoration craftspeople to make rag dolls for children's gifts. Hammered charms and carved figurines and toys were also usually made by craftspeople who used their hammering and carving skills in their everyday professions.

Early American industrialization centered largely on metal refinement, which is evidenced in rusty or painted metal decorations. Painted barn stars were originally created by the owner of the barn upon its completion. This good luck sign was sometimes accentuated on one exterior barn wall along with colorful floral- and bird-patterned ornamentation. Although painted barn stars are widely popular, rusty or rust-colored barn stars and other wall relics are highly sought-after primitive country decorations.

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