What Are Some Examples of Mother of the Groom Speeches?

Examples of wedding speeches for the mother of the groom include a speech about Daniel and his smile and big heart and a speech about Ned and how the mother of the groom first met Ned's future spouse. Other mother-of-the-groom speeches, such as the one a mother wrote for her son Sean, tell stories from the groom's childhood.

When speaking about Daniel, the mother of the groom says that Daniel has a sense of humor and was always the clown in any situation. The mother says that her son brightens the days of people he meets. She says that it is hard to stay mad at him when he misbehaves.

The mother then reminisces about old memories of Daniel. She states that Daniel continues to be her son and that he helps her through hardships. She adds that she is proud of her son.

Similarly, in her speech, Ned's mother says that she still enjoys having her children come for dinner each week. She says that one week, Ned brought his future wife to dinner without telling the family of the couple's intentions. Immediately, the mother adored Ned's future wife. In her speech, the mother compliments Ned's wife and recites her good qualities for the audience. The mother states her pride at the son's wedding and invites the couple to more family dinners.

In her speech to her son Sean, the mother of the groom recounted her favorite memory of him. The mother tells a story about a series of events that occurred when the child was young that made his family laugh. The mother then ties the speech into complimenting the son's character as an adult.