What Are Some Examples of Hanukkah Gifts?

examples-hanukkah-gifts Credit: Michele Westmorland/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Examples of Hanukkah gifts differ depending on the person giving the gift and the person receiving it, but money is a traditional gift based on Jewish beliefs. Children receive money or gelt as a way to encourage them to find ways to use it for charitable causes.

Another appropriate type of gift is honey, walnuts and figs. This gift symbolizes the sweetness of learning and helps the person receiving the gift remember the principles behind the holiday. Along this line, other great gifts are books and videos about Hanukkah. A traditional toy that children enjoy is a dreidel, which is like a spinning top with a twist. For adults the giver can give a set of menorah candles with which to commemorate the holiday or a Jewish cook book.

Some more modern Hanukkah gift include toys, books, clothes and even donations to a charity. If the giver has a tradition of giving holiday pajamas, he should try to keep to the Hanukkah colors, which are blue and white.

There are some gifts that a giver should not give or give with a great deal of caution. He needs to avoid giving meat gifts like ham and sausage. Although not all Jews eat kosher food, if you are unsure it is better to avoid most food gifts all together.