What Are Some Examples of a Funny Birthday Poem?


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One example of a funny birthday poem is "Birthday Invasion" by Joanna Fuchs. Another funny birthday poem is "The Perfect Gift" from the Message Guy on BirthdayMessages.net.

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"Birthday Invasion" is a poem about how swarms of unwanted visitors appear on birthdays. The poet likens birthday guests to a Special Weapons and Tactics team. However, the silver lining to the situation is that there's always birthday cake. "This should be a glad occasion; / But it seems more like a SWAT invasion. / Go away! Just take a break! / Oh well, at least there's birthday cake," is the last part of the poem.

Another funny birthday poem by Joanna Fuchs is "A Birthday Workout." This poem describes a workout that burns enough calories to compensate for eating birthday cake.

"The Perfect Gift" is a funny poem about finding the perfect gift for an older person. "Now you can take a bite out of life, / With a pair of brand-new dentures. / Happy birthday, old fart!" are the last few lines of the poem. The Message Guy has another funny birthday poem called "Midnight Pizza." This is also a birthday poem for a senior. It depicts an older person who still acts young by doing things such as eating pizza in bed at midnight and squeezing into old pairs of jeans.

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