What Are Some Examples of Funny Birthday Cards?


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Some funny birthday cards include a photo of an old woman who looks tired and haggard with a caption that says "29 Again?" and a birthday card with an image of a cat painting graffiti on a brick wall. Another funny birthday card is a picture of cartoon animal with his mouth open wide and a caption stating that birthdays are God's way of telling people to eat more cake.

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In the card about cake, the inside of the card says that a stomach ache is nature's way of telling someone that they ate too much cake. The card has a blue-and-white checkered pattern. Another funny birthday card with an animal on it has a picture of a cow on the front. The caption says that the person wants to wish the recipient a happy birthday and "that's no bull." In this birthday card, the cow is a cartoon character that looks meek. The cow sits on his hind legs in the image.

Another funny card has a picture of a turtle on the front of it. The turtle looks sad. The turtle is wearing a party hat and holding a cupcake with a candle in it. The turtle asks if it's the person's birthday again, and then makes a sarcastic comment about how the recipient was old enough the year before.

For a math lover, a funny card is a picture of a person holding on to a balloon. The person stands within a mathematical chart. The caption reads that people who have the most birthdays live the longest. Many funny birthday cards have an animal theme, while others have clever sayings about growing older or celebrating a birthday.

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