What Are Some Examples of Event Program Templates?

The event program templates available from Sample Templates, Formal Word Templates, the College of Arts and Science at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and PTO Today are some good examples of event program templates. The templates are free to download as Word documents or PDFs, depending on the publisher.

Sample Templates offers a diverse collection of event program template examples, including simple schedules, brochure-style programs and informational designs. Each sample is viewable online or downloadable as a PDF.

Formal Word Templates provides an example of a generic event program created in Microsoft Word. The two-page template has space for a welcome message, event schedule and thank-you messages and includes placeholders for the event logo and date.

The University of Tennessee Knoxville's template example is not viewable online, but it is downloadable in Word format. The program is a foldable document designed for printing on a single page. It includes space for two images or logos, and all of the text is fully customizable.

PTO Today offers a similar example for download that features colored borders, a replaceable graphic and a replaceable thank-you image. The program has a simple front cover, space for participants, a section for thank-you messages and a blank back cover.