What Are Some Examples of Eulogies for a Mother?


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Some example eulogies for a mother are reading from poems, talking about the big picture, highlighting your mother's legacy and highlighting achievements. A good eulogy for a mother combines all these examples with an individualized creative spin.

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What Are Some Examples of Eulogies for a Mother?
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One example of a eulogy is to read poetry such as the work by Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes' poems talks about how there is a time for everything and about how nothing good lasts forever. This is ideal for a mother who passed away after living a long and successful life. A second way to conduct a eulogy is to talk about your mother's big picture impact. Share unique examples about how she personally changed the world around her for the better.

A third example of a eulogy involves talking about legacy. Talk about how every member of the new generation is going to keep impacting society and being better people. Another way to approach a eulogy would be to simply discuss memories and reminisce. This example involves less intellectual thought-provocation and more light-hearted nostalgia. A fifth example of a eulogy involves appealing to the senses. Talk about what feelings, sounds and scents will forever remind you of your mother. Talk about deep, subconscious emotions.

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