What Are Some Examples of Bridal Hairstyles?

The bun and the half up, half down hairstyle are some of the most popular choices for brides. It's simple to attach a veil to either hairstyle. A low bun at the nape of the neck with some curled tendrils pulled loose creates a romantic look, or a sleek bun at the top of the head is another style for brides. Some brides opt to wear their hair down and loose, while others prefer braids or complicated updos.

Since the bride typically stands with her right side facing the crowd during the wedding ceremony, she may choose a low bun that sits on the right side of her head. That way her hairstyle is clearly evident in photos from the ceremony.

The location and climate as well as the bride's hair type and preferences play into hairstyle choices. A bride who is marrying on a humid day and whose hair tends to frizz or go limp may be most comfortable with an updo secured with pins and hairspray. A bride who is most comfortable with her hair down may prefer to simply add some curl to her hair or dress up her everyday hairstyle by wearing a crown of flowers or by braiding just the hair above her forehead.