What Are Some Examples of Birthday Games for Teenagers?


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Examples of good birthday party games for teenagers are Foot Volleyball, Who Am I and Truth or Dare Balloons. These games can be adjusted to accommodate younger teenagers, as well as entertain the older ones.

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What Are Some Examples of Birthday Games for Teenagers?
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To play Foot Volleyball, hang a volleyball net about 3 feet about the ground and require teams on either side to keep a balloon in the air. This can be done using the feet, hands or heads to suit the skill level of the players.

Who Am I allows players to choose the name of a celebrity, fictional character or famous figure and tape the name onto the back of a fellow guest. Guests then take turns asking "yes" or "no" questions to learn the identity of the name on their back.

Truth or Dare Balloons is played by placing small slips of paper with truth and dare options written on them into a balloon before inflating it. When the music starts, guests must work together to keep the balloon in the air. When the music stops, the last guest to touch the balloon must pop it and perform the task on the paper slip.

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