What Is an Example of a Valentine's Poem for a Teacher?

Giving a teacher a Valentine's Day poem is a great way to show appreciation. Choosing a poem can be difficult, but there are plenty of poems online that can be used to show teachers that they make a difference.

An example of a Valentine's Day for poem for a teacher is the following verse written by an anonymous poet titled "A Valentine’s Day Test for My Teacher:"

"I thought I would ask you

a question today, Teacher,

Because you are so good at

Asking me. Ready?

Two plus two?

Twelve times six?

This question’s not that easy.

The ninth president?

The capital of Texas?

This question’s way more cheesy.

Get ready now,

and study hard

To get a good grade

on your report card.

Here comes the question—

Take your time:

Will you be my Valentine?"

There are dozens of poems written for teachers that can be found online for free. Many famous poets have written poems about teaching or of the art of being a teacher. Consider the poetry of William Wordsworth, Maya Angelou or Allen Ginsberg to impress a teacher on Valentine's Day. Reciting or writing one of these poems in a card would be a wonderful way to share the love on Valentine's Day.