What Is an Example of a Condolence Message?


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Quick Condolence says that simply stating how sorry one is for the loss is usually a good place to start. Add further details about how much the person was loved, as appropriate.

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Too often, people worry more about how to somehow lessen the loss or cheer up the grieving family and friends. However, it is not possible to lessen the sorrow; and, it should not be attempted. One need not worry about sounding trite or stupid. Sincerity is the true hallmark of a good condolence note; a few simple heartfelt words about personal sorrow for the death and the sorrow others are feeling is usually the best option. Family members appreciate one sharing a sweet memory or two. A familiar quote can also be appropriate.

Things to avoid mentioning in a condolence note are comparisons of pain felt under a similar tragedy. Although at a later date that might be helpful, immediately after a loss this comment can minimize a friend or family members personal grief. Those agonizing over a death in the family typically do not appreciate platitudes of the type that God took the deceased for a reason or that the deceased is in a better place. These phrases are meant to be comforting but instead come across as critical of those who truly mourn the separation. Certain phrases can suggest that a grieving individual is selfish for not being thrilled their loved one is now in a happier place.

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