What Are Some Events at a Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony?


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A wedding vow renewal ceremony usually involves exchanging vows, recalling details of the original wedding, an exchange of rings and a reception. The rings exchanged can be the the original bands or new ones.

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Some wedding vow renewal ceremonies begin with the couple walking down the aisle, rather than the bride walking down alone. If children have since the wedding entered the picture, the entire family may walk down the aisle together. Because a renewal ceremony is not legally binding as a wedding is, anyone can officiate. Possible officiants include the clergyman who officiated at the original wedding, the couple's children, relatives or friends. A welcome and a short explanation for the ceremony should begin the ceremony, and the wording used by the officiant can be similar to that used during a regular wedding. Children, family and friends can be invited to do readings, and music can be played. Readings and music should enhance the renewal of vows. The vows exchanged can be the original vows, an updated version of the vows that include what the couple has learned over the course of the marriage, or completely new vows. Rings can be exchanged, either the original bands with or without new engravings or new bands especially made for the occasion.

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