What Is the Etiquette of Wedding Programs Wording?


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While there is no specific wording etiquette, wedding programs should include the order of events, the participants and the words to any sections in which guests will be asked to participate, notes the Emily Post Institute. They can also include the names of the wedding party. Wedding programs can be designed to reflect the couple's personality and can use the same color scheme as the invitations.

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Wedding programs are a nice touch, but they are not required, states the Emily Post Institute. They help guests follow along with the ceremony and are especially useful for guests from another religion or culture. Some guests also like to keep the programs as a memento of the wedding. If a program is used, it should list names of who will perform or participate in each event. If readings or music are used, the title and author or singer should also be listed. Couples can choose to list the wedding party, their parents and the wedding efficient; the Emily Post Institute recommends that only their names be included. Other optional things to include in a wedding program are a tribute to a deceased loved one, words of any readings, songs or responses and translations of any foreign language portions of the ceremony.

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