What Is the Etiquette for Choosing a Corsage ?


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Whether you’re choosing a corsage for a prom or wedding, consult with the recipient beforehand. Find out what flowers the recipient is allergic to. Try to coordinate the corsage with her outfit for the occasion, or buy one in a neutral color. Also, the corsage should have elements in common with what the buyer will be wearing or, in the case of a wedding, with the theme.

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What Is the Etiquette for Choosing a Corsage ?
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According to "Corsage Etiquette," a corsage is meant as a gesture of deep appreciation, and this same etiquette applies to choosing boutonnieres. It’s customary to offer a corsage made from fresh flowers, although other kinds of floral ornaments are acceptable as well. While it’s customary to buy a corsage for a prom date, it’s also alright if your date declines one. At weddings, the bride and groom can offer corsages to close friends and relatives whom they wish to treat as mothers and grandmothers.

Because corsages can be expensive, budget accordingly. Although it is permissible to make your own corsage, to get your money’s worth, consult with a florist about what kinds of flowers will hold up best and how to wire the flowers together so that the corsage and its pin won’t prick skin or tear fabric. Also, ask permission before pinning on a corsage or offering to place it around the recipient’s wrist.

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