What Is the Etiquette for Addressing a Wedding Invitation?


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Etiquette for addressing wedding invitations dictates that the outer envelope use conventional addressing, including the recipient's title and full name, while the inner envelope can be informal, depending on the sender's relationship to the recipient. The invitation should address both members of married couples separately. The appropriate address method varies somewhat depending on the recipients and their marital status.

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For the outer envelope of an invitation to a married couple, the address uses either "Mr. and Mrs." followed by the husband's full name, or "Mr. and Mrs." with the first names of each immediately after, and the couple's last name at the end. If the couple uses different last names, the address should include both. The name of the person closest to the bride and groom comes first, but in cases where neither person is closer to the couple, the address uses alphabetical order. If the couple has children, the outer envelope address only refers to the parents, while the inner envelope uses the children's names.

For unmarried couples, the address uses "Ms. and Mr." with each followed by the parties' full names. For invitations to one person, the outer envelope address uses that person's title and name. The inner envelope can include the same thing, followed by "and Guest," indicating that the person can bring a guest. Invitations to same-sex couples follow the same address rules as invitations to other couples.

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