What Are Some Entertainment Ideas for the Christmas Party of a Corporate Office?

Fun ideas for Christmas party entertainment are a game of Name That Christmas Carol, a Dirty Santa gift exchange, a round of holiday bingo and a marshmallow snowball fight. All of these activities provide clean, inexpensive fun to help get partygoers in the holiday spirit.

Name That Christmas Carol involves playing a snippet of a Christmas song. Whoever correctly guesses the carol wins the round.

To play Dirty Santa, each person brings or is provided a cheap, wrapped gift. The first person chooses and opens their gift and the second person can either steal the gift or open another gift. This process continues until everyone has a present. A gift may be stolen three times.

Bingo can be adapted for Christmas, by using Christmas images or words instead of numbers. For a marshmallow snowball fight, lots of marshmallows are required. Large campfire marshmallows are preferable.