What Are Some Engagement Gift Ideas?

What Are Some Engagement Gift Ideas?

Traditional gifts for celebrating a friend or relative's engagement are flowers and bottles of wine or champagne; however, jewelry, food and other items could also be well-received. Some other gift ideas include token commemorative items for the home, such as "Mr. & Mrs." or monogrammed glassware.

Personalized jewelry can make an especially thoughtful gift, and many other items can be customized or monogrammed to display the initials of the newly engaged couple.

Gifts such as these, which serve to highlight the couple's fresh commitment to each other, come in a wide variety of traditional and more offbeat options. Among the latter are quirky keepsakes like twin bottles of vodka complete with miniature top hat and wedding veil.

Gifts that could be useful for the couple's wedding are also a good idea, and these might include wedding planning guide books or magazines.

Pairing any gift with an engagement card, chosen from a range of cute, funny and beautiful designs to suit the personality of the recipient, will add a more personal touch.

An alternative to giving a material gift could be to throw the couple a party. Having guests bring food and alcohol to share will help keep costs down and ensure a memorable and well-attended event.