How Do You Embalm a Body for a Funeral?


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The process of embalming involves massage to relieve rigor mortis, draining the body of fluids, replacing those fluids with embalming fluid and packing the body’s cavities with gauze or cotton. Embalming also involves washing and drying the body, manicuring the nails, molding facial features from wax or setting the facial features with cotton inserts, applying makeup and styling the hair.

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To begin the embalming process, massage the body to relieve rigor mortis. Sometimes cutting muscles or tendons is required to allow for a more natural positioning of the limbs. Massage cream applied to the hands and face makes the skin pliable and soft.

Drain the blood from a vein while pumping embalming fluid into the body to replace it. Other areas of the body may also be injected with embalming chemicals via a syringe. Use a metal tube attached to a suction hose and inserted near the naval to puncture the internal organs and inject embalming fluid into the torso of the body. Packing the body’s cavities with cotton or gauze presents seeping of embalming fluid from the body postmortem.

Use gauze or cotton to fill out facial features or wax to mold the face and create a more natural look, suggests the Funeral Consumers Alliance. Apply makeup to the face and hands to provide a more natural color, and style and manicure nails to complete the corpse’s look before presentation to the family.

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