What Is an Elevator Speech?


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An elevator speech is a short pitch that is roughly 30 seconds long. It is used to advertise a person's services and what they can offer. The name is based on the idea that the speech can be given in the time it takes to take a quick elevator ride.

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What Is an Elevator Speech?
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The elevator speech, generally used in business affairs, is a proposition that is typically very short in length. The time it takes to give the speech is usually 25 to 30 seconds. The entire pitch should be between 80 to 90 words. There should be between eight to 10 sentences in an elevator speech.

Despite the brief amount of time given, the speech should try to cover the identity of the speaker, what that person offers and the benefits of using their product or service. To make an effective elevator speech, the speaker should use a story or give a concrete illustration of their services and follow it up with a call to action. There are certain topics that should be taken into account before delivering the speech, such as target audience, market volume, how revenue is generated, competitors, business models and what makes the speaker's good or service unique.

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