What Are Elementary Graduation Themes?

elementary-graduation-themes Credit: Lyn Walkerden Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Students, parents, and teachers celebrate the passage of elementary students to middle school during elementary graduation. Themes usually are based on a combination of school motto, mascot, and school colors.

Graduation themes serve as an opportunity for the graduating class to show off its school spirit. Each graduating class is different. Allowing students to have a decision in the process of organizing graduations allows students to reflect on the transformation process that is taking place. Graduating from elementary school and moving forward into middle school is a major transition for many young adolescents.

Taking the opportunity to plan a themed graduation gives students a project that can be worked on throughout the year and encouragement to succeed. Long-term planning can include a variety of activities that incorporate the theme early in the year. For example, students can prepare events, newsletters and dances. Graduation themes also give parents an opportunity to become involved in supplying party supplies and other necessities for a proper graduation. A central theme builds focus, long-term planning, and also gives students the opportunity to let go of childhood and move into adolescence. Of all graduation planning, the elementary graduation is a celebration of beginning to grow up.