Is Eating Pork and Sauerkraut a New Year's Day Tradition?

eating-pork-sauerkraut-new-year-s-day-tradition Credit: Stuart Spivak/CC-BY-SA 2.0

A pork and sauerkraut meal on New Year's Day is a German tradition that is believed to bring good luck and good health during the upcoming months. It is common in the United States in the Pennsylvania Dutch region.

Many other foods represent good fortune if eaten on January 1st. Leafy vegetables, such as kale, collards and cabbage, are thought to resemble paper money, so they are consumed in the United States and Europe to encourage financial success. Dining on lentils is thought to enhance wealth, because the tiny beans are shaped like coins. In many Asian countries, long noodles symbolize long life. In Turkey, some people partake of pomegranates to bring health and riches in the new year.