What Is an Easy Way to Design and Print Tickets?

To design and print tickets, decide what information belongs on the ticket, such as the event name, date, time, location and seating; open a photo-editing or design software program; and choose a ticket template when starting a new project. Choose a font for the ticket information that is easy to read, such as a block-based font. Pick a color, design or image for the background that represents the event's theme.

The back of the ticket is a good place to include information on after-parties, upcoming events, sponsors, coupons or discounts for other events. If the event is a private party, include a thank-you to people who made the event possible. Create a print preview or test print to ensure the final product is centered and uniform. Ensure the text is clear, the background has an appropriate color or design, and the back of the ticket isn't cluttered.

Find a template that lets you fit all the proper information into the design space. If the tickets require numbers, find a template that facilitates them. Many ticket templates have specific instructions for creating an event and printing the ticket. When printing the tickets, use thick stock paper so the tickets aren't flimsy.