What Are Some Easy Party Decorating Ideas?


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Easy party decorating ideas include creating designs on the wall with balloons, making custom stickers for paper goods and arranging food and treats on a buffet table. Hanging paper flowers is also a good decoration, since it is inexpensive and easy to do.

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Balloons are inexpensive, simple to use and can make a lot of different decorations. The simplest thing to do is put balloons in groups of two to three balloons of different colors, and tape them to different areas of the party space. They can be tied to trees, hung from ceilings and taped to the ends of party tables. To be a little more creative, the balloons can make big letters or numbers on the wall. Put balloons together in the shape of the first letter of the person’s name, or create his age with the balloons.

Paper goods such as cups, plates and bowls are sometimes a bit dull, even with themed paper goods for children’s birthday parties. Instead of purchasing custom labels, create custom stickers with a picture of the person whose birthday it is, and print them out on sticker paper. Add one sticker to each paper good to add a little decoration to the party table.

The food and treats table becomes its own party decoration when laid out like a buffet. Candy buffets are popular and use unique containers to hold each type of candy. Decorate around the foods and treats according to the party’s theme.

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