What Are Some Easy-to-Make Halloween Props?


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Some easy-to-make Halloween props are to make glowing eyes with toilet paper rolls, lampshade silhouettes and glass jar lights. Some others are paper bag lights and flying bats.

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To make glowing eyes, cut out scary-looking eye shapes from empty toilet paper tubes. Put a glowstick inside each tube, and place them around the yard at night. For lampshade silhouettes, cut bat shapes out of black paper, and tape them to the outside of a lampshade. To make glass jar lights, use decoupage, markers, paint or paper cut-outs to decorate the outside of various jars with Halloween-themed art. Place a flameless candle inside each jar.

To make paper bag lights, use scissors or a hole punch to cut Halloween words and pictures into several paper lunch bags. Then, place a small flame-less candle inside each bag. For flying bats, cut several bat shapes out of black paper and use double-sided tape to adhere them to walls, furniture and other objects in the home.

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