What Are Some Easy Halloween Vocabulary Words?

What Are Some Easy Halloween Vocabulary Words?

Some easy Halloween words are bag, bat, black, bones and brew. Other ideas for vocabulary words are gory and evil. The season of Halloween, fall, is another easy word that can be used for vocabulary. To make that a bit more challenging, the word autumn can be used.

Some trickier words that are still relatively easy are ghost, ghoul, grave and horror. Thinking about witches and their connection to Halloween, words like spell, broom, and their favored pets, cats, are good words to use.

Costumes can also become vocabulary words by using the terms cloak, cape and fangs. The general tone of Halloween also provides potential for good vocabulary words. Gruesome, which is challenging to spell, is a possibility, while grisly becomes an easier option for a vocabulary word.

Skull, moon and wand are more options for vocabulary words. Words that many people think of when they think of Halloween are trick and treat, which make good vocabulary words as well. With a similar theme, candy is another simple word for use at Halloween.

Other words that relate to Halloween are its month, October, and one of its treasured items, the jack-o'-lantern, which is a bit more challenging to spell. Orange can also be used as a vocabulary word as it relates to the Halloween season.